Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to open OAF page from a link

User will be able to open OAF page from a link which sent within the email

1.When we completed develop OAF page, Go to create a Function for this page
    Application Developer > Application > Function
Input values as:
User Function Name: XXX User Function Name
Type: SSWA jsp function
Maintenance Mode Support: None Context Dependence: None

2.In OAF page input value in the at PageLayoutRN
Input values as:
Rendered: ${oa.FunctionSecurity.XXX_FUNCTION_NAME}
Security Mode: selfSecured

3. Create Global Menu, Log in as Functional Administrator > Core Services > Menus
Input values as:
Name : XXX User Global Menu Name
Code : XXX_User_Global_Menu_Code
Type : Global Menu
Prompt :  XXX User Function Name
Function: XXX User Function Name (which created from step 1)
4. Grant global menu to All users and Guest
Input values as:
Name : XXX User All Grant
Grant Type : All Users
Set : XXX User Global Menu Name (from step 3)

Name : XXX User Guest Grant
Grant Type : Specific User
Grantee : GUEST
Set : XXX User Global Menu Name (from step 3)
*Note if we don’t grant Global menu to GUEST when we click a link to open the page, the login information will be required.

5. Generate URL

set serveroutput on
  lc_url varchar(200);
lc_url:= FND_RUN_FUNCTION.get_run_function_url(p_function_id => fnd_function.get_function_id('XXX_FUNCTION_NAME') ,
p_resp_appl_id => null,
p_resp_id => null,
p_security_group_id => 0,
p_parameters =>'parama='||'p1'||'&'||'paramb=p2'||'&'||'param3=p3',
p_override_agent => null,
p_org_id => null,
p_lang_code => null,
p_encryptParameters => true);

URL >> https://server_name/OA_HTML/RF.jsp?function_id=42032&resp_id=-1&resp_appl_id=-1&security_group_id=0&lang_code=US&params=rSw7aR1C8MysbUKDHEm9JPGSpWIE9RsCMz19sMgRO0A

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